Dussehra is coming!
ready for ethnic glee.
Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashami ) is the festival that commemorates the beginning of the festive season in our India. It starts with the first day of the Navaratri and the idols of Goddess Durga which is being worshipped for the nine days.
On this festivals, people like to get the ethnic dresses that can give them a classy and traditional appearance, which should be perfectly matched with the theme of the festival and its colors and designs should go with the place and festival.
Dussehra's Outfits
For Women
In any Festivals, Women are luckier in the terms of the clothing and accessories as they have large options as compared to the men. Girls in different part of India wear different clothing on the festivals in accordance with the respective tradition. In Maharashtra, women wear colorful suits and beautiful Saree with the embellished prints over them. In Gujarat, Women wear Lehengas. whereas in West Bengal, women wear the silk saree and big red bindi on their forehead.
Nowadays, the people love to shop online as it seems easy for them to look for their desired attire at the reasonable price range.
Dussehra's Outfits
For men
In Dussehra, people like to get the ethnic dresses that can give them a classy and traditional appearance.

For men, there are a lot of options in ethnic clothing such as the cotton long kurta, cotton printed shirt, and if they want to flaunt more fancy and rich look then men can go for silk Nehru jackets. These dressing enhance their bold look and give them a very masculine yet stylish look. Light colored dressings are more popular among the men, like light blue kurta and colorful pants.
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